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Consecration of Saint George



































The Divine Liturgy, 2nd Edition














The Consecration of Saint George Album was published to commemorate the consecration of Saint George Greek Orthodox Church in Downey, California. Subtitled "Dream, Believe, Achieve" it was designed to "break the mold" of traditional commemorative albums which were historically heavy on on words, well wishes, and conratulatory messages. Instead it was designed to be a "coffee table" book, focusing on full color, large photographs designed to engage the reader and convey the experience of those historic days. It included the traditional Greetings at the beginning of the book, a pictoral Timeline outlining the history of the parish, which then led into its actual history. The main part of the book focused on the Consecration Week, starting with Saint George's First Golf Classic, the Feast of Saint George, the Consecration Services and Celebrations. The final pat of the book was dedictaed to the Donors, Congratulatory Messages and a Historical Appendix which included the official documents of the parish from inception, to Charter and Door Opening.